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Flowering Plants

Annuals are plants that live for one season. Full sun varieties require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day for full bloom. Shade varieties need filtered sun and partial shade either in morning or evening. Hot and dry varieties will thrive with irregular watering and intense heat.

Perennials are flowering or foliage plants that live from year to year. They can be grown in a garden bed by themselves, in front of shrubs, under trees, or mixed with annuals.

Plants add color and beauty to a home's exterior. Maintaining a flower garden is not difficult. Success begins with healthy, insect and disease free soil. This can be achieved by choosing non-toxic, organic, environmentally responsible products that naturally amend and balance the soil with nature.

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garden tips
Add a complete, slow-release fertilizer that is high in phosphorus at the time of planting.
Mulching reduces water loss from the soil and helps to maintain a more moderate and uniform temperature.
Skip at least one watering after a good rain. Cut back watering times and frequencies in cool or humid weather.
Move container plants to shady areas. Watering them over the root area of a tree puts excess water to good use.