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Heartworm Disease
Be a friend to your pet, heartworm prevention is simple. Blood is drawn from an animal to determine whether the parasite is present. If the test results are negative, regular doses of preventive medication is given to the animal.

Heartworm infestation is dangerous. For more information visit the American Heartworm Society.
Summertime Pet Tips
  • Don't leave pets in parked cars.
  • It is very dangerous to drive with a dog in the back of a pick-up truck.
  • Plant food, fertilizer, and insecticides can be fatal if ingested by your pet.
  • Check with your veterinarian about heartworm prevention medication.
  • Pets and pools can equal disaster.
  • Provide plenty of water and shade for your pets.
  • Early morning and evening hours are the best times for pet exercise. Asphalt gets very hot and can burn your pet's paws.
  • Pets nose and ear tips can sun burn.
ASPCA Animaland
Just for kids! A great site for children of all ages. Learn, share and have fun.
Offers tips on selecting, preparing and caring for a new puppy.
The Humane Society is an excellent source for your new pet.
Pet information center offering articles, an online store, Vet Q & A , a humor section and pet chat.
Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Animal shelters are being overwhelmed with the growing population of stray and unwanted pets, many who do not find a home. Spaying or neutering your pet ensures you will not be adding to the tremendous burden of caring for unfortunate animals.

You and your pet will also benefit from spaying or neutering. Your pet’s temperament and health will improve and there will be a reduction in the tendency to stray from home.